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The Promised Land


Mkuki is a 14 year old boy with magic feet living a not so magical life in Mombasa, Kenya. When he meets Baraka, an ex-cleaner turned self style Football agent, he decided to take a risk and join a junior league with Baraka as his agent. Baraka ,for all his failings, is convinced he can get Mkuki to the promised land of a European football team. As unlikely as this is, it is even more unlikely that his mother, who is determined that he makes it as a lawyer or doctor, will support him. But together with his sister Mishi, also a budding goalie who has to pose as a boy to get into the team, they enter the league.

However, as they move up the league, by the wonders of Mkuki’s keen talent, their mother is informed by one of his team mates, that both her children are playing in the league. Dragged from the field, Mishi is exposed as a girl and Mkuki is marched home. Eventually, it is only through Baraka’s pleading and the promises he makes about Mkuki’s education to his mother, who has taken up selling the Yoba drink to make money and make her boy strong, that he is able to reach his goal.

When agents from two European club comes to watch Mkuki and make him an offer, he know that he has reached ‘The Promised Land’.

The Promised Land is a charity project that NMNC Films is involved with in order to make a local film to promote Yoba-Fitti, a probiotic yogurt. Our contribution to the project is the script. Read more about the product at:

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Owino Sangiewa


Charles Liburd


NMNC Films

Production status

Pre- Production




Feature Film