No Money No Cry | Dijn
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In a beautiful idyllic town on the Indian Ocean, life is a charmed, culture-rich and predictable experience. It is a predictability that allows for a lazy dishonesty of the soul as life lurches from one day to the next. But in the distance, the mythical Dijn is coming and when it reaches the town’s shores, the sleepy residents begin to feel the psychic discomfort and demand for honesty that the spirit brings.

Now the normally balmy temperature rises and the wind blows a torrent of consequences and dry flowers into the air.


AHMED (21), is a mute, earnest carpenter, who’s been in love with SONU (20) forever. Sonu, a withdrawn, delicate girl works at her mother restaurant opposite the carpenter shop where Ahmed and his friend, Yusuf work. Sonu sees her life they way she has always seen it — a preparation for her upcoming wedding. But inside her there is a little resistance. Her mother and old friend Nema both wish she would show a little bit more enthusiasm. For now she is unaware of Ahmed besotted attention. She won’t be for long. The Dijn is coming.


Daud (24), a quiet and dutiful fisherman owns a rundown fishing dhow with his best friend FAREED (24). Fareed is also helping Daud build the house he and Nema are to move into once they marry. All Daud wants is a calm, safe existence – – except for one thing he is haunted by the terrifying realisation that he loves Fareed. In his confused dishonesty he manages things poorly both with Nema and Fareed. This leads to a situation where he will lose not only his bride but his friend, in order to gain himself.


Aloof, no-nonsense doctor NAJMA (45) and amiable easy-going RAJ (47), who owns the town’s book shop, have a strained marriage that was once based on love, respect and understanding. They now lead a comfortable but hollow life.


Najma throws herself into her clinic and building a new ward and Raj finds intimacy with AIDA (27) who runs the local water side bar. Aida falls pregnant with Raj’s child and this situation brings Raj and Najma’s long ignored problems to a head. Najma needs to decide if she can look past the betrayal and fix what’s broken between her and Raj.


The Dijn will have something to say about that.After Dijn blows through their lives Ahmed, Najma and Daud would have all face painful truths that will leave them changed forever in ways they never knew were possible.



Hawa Essuman


Hawa Essuman

Co Producer

Trent Oak Motion Pictures/ NMNC

Script Consultant

Charles Liburd

Production Status







When a mythical wind blows into the lives of the inhabitants of a beautiful Swahili town on the Indian ocean their lives are changed forever.