No Money No Cry | 5 Great Podcasts for Film Lovers
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5 Great Podcasts for Film Lovers

The podcast’s popularity has been growing steadily for some time, exploding over the last year thanks to one special program. Podcasts are an accessible and innovative way to engage with cinema; they convey complex discussion and reviews in a relaxed style, interspersed with film dialogue and other sound bites. Production and distribution are efficient, so time-sensitive programs (such as reviews of the week’s new releases) can find their way straight to listeners in seconds. Whether you listen to them on the commute to work, on a road trip with fellow cinephiles or in the background as you work on your own cinematic masterpiece, these film podcasts will make you fall in love with the medium:

Star Wars- Filmspotting Podcast


This long-running gem features intelligent and lively reviews from hosts Josh Larsen and Adam Kempenaar. Each episode includes an in-depth review of a new release and a ‘top five’ segment based on a theme from the film. The affiliated Filmspotting SVU (“Streaming Video Unit”) does the same work for television series.

Academy Awards- Screentalk Podcast

Screen Talk

Run by Indiewire, Screen Talk brings in some of the finest film reviewers around to talk about cinema. While Screen Talk’s film reviews are excellent, the podcast excels in particular at covering important film events, from Cannes to Berlin to everything Oscars.

Room- Filmcast Podcast


It’s no surprise that one of the best film blogs also produces one of the best film podcasts. Slash Film’s /Filmcast delivers great reviews of the newest in cinema, but its more specialised sections (particularly interviews and live broadcasts) give the listener a fresh insight into the world of film.

The Danish Girl- The Frame Podcast

The Frame

The above podcasts do a great job at analysing, assessing and exploring individual films. The Frame takes a slightly different approach, providing news rather than reviews. Head here for updates on what’s going on in the film industry.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2- How Did This Get Made Podcast

How Did This Get Made?

Most of us spend so much talking and thinking about films we love, we forget how fun it can be to focus on films we don’t. How Did This Get Made takes a playful and original approach to film analysis and chats about films that most would consider “bad”, exploring why and how they came to be.

These are just a few of the amazing film-focussed podcasts out there. What are your favourite cinema podcasts?

By Gemma King.

We love to talk about film.

Photo credits:

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  4. The Frame/ The Danish Girl
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
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