No Money No Cry | 10 Most Favorite Films
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10 Most Favorite Films

Hi, Happy Monday!

Filmmakers are always being asked (or at least I think so) “What are your favorite films?”.  We always have an answer. It may not be the most honest one- but we have an answer. I don’t think it’s because we are dishonest, it’s just because it’s a BIG question.  Recently I was filling in the question for stage 32– a great site  for filmmakers BTW- and I basically went the dishonest route. The problem is that  “your favorite” films  for me are about mood, time of life AND the stuff that WOWS you.

So my 10 Most Favorite Film list ended up at 12.  I just couldn’t contain it. I wish I could. Like Joe Bowman, who has the best lists in the world. So, in the shadow of a far superior cinephile, here is my list.

1) In The Heat of The Night

2) Hombre.

3) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

4) II Postino

5)  The Hairdressers Husband

6) Les Amants du Point-Neuf

7) The White Balloon

8) The Scent of Green Papaya

9) La Haine

10) Poetry

11) Boyhood

12) Blue Is The Warmest Color

Now I’ve made the list and left out so many. I know it’s a silly question. But it’s still a question I like to ask! If anyone wants to ask- I have a whole lot more in my top twelve– which defies the laws of maths but not film–which is subject to a kind of quantum weirdness.

BTW, if you are into lists, check these guys out. Just found them.

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